TJ Nix & Paul Plumeri

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When the hard-charging harmonica attack of TJ Nix meets the incredible guitar presence of Paul Plumeri, it’s clear that the collective known as Blues in Disguise means business.

The two Trenton, N.J., blues legends will release their Blues in Disguise debut on March 29 via Poolhouse Records (distributed in North America by MRI/RED Distribution).

“Bottom line: We write and perform to satisfy our desire as musicians to express ourselves,” Nix enthused. “Through our labors of love, we are able to touch emotions in people. Music is a powerful thing. Paul and I have been blessed with something special and now we would like to share it with the world.”

The group is rounded out by members, Angelo DiBraccio (sax), Nick Hutton (acoustic guitar), Jerry Monk (bass), and Michael White (drums).

“The magic that takes place when the band really comes together is almost indescribable,” Plumeri said. “It’s what every band strives for, and we really have it here. Synergy, fusion - you name it. It’s all of that and more!”

Early reviews of ‘Blues in Disguise’ have been exceptional:

"Don't dig into ‘Blues in Disguise’ expecting meandering blues jams. This raucous-yet-tightly-knit musical offering validates why the term ‘Trenton blues’ represents an ongoing, viable, and, most likely, way-overlooked facet of the blues genre." -- Willie G. Moseley, Vintage Guitar Magazine

“’Blues in Disguise’ is a nonstop groove-fest that falls somewhere between the great Chess Records dates of the 1950s, the horn-laden pomp of Roomful of Blues and the six-string workouts of The Allman Brothers Band. TJ Nix’s diabolical diatonic harp skills float a string of melodic ideas that mesh perfectly with guitarist Paul Plumeri’s daring jazzy and funky phrasings. ‘Blues in Disguise’ is just as heady as it is heavy.” -- Will Romano, author of Big Boss Man: The Life & Music of Bluesman Jimmy Reed

TJ Nix & Paul Plumeri

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