Tall Paul Band

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In 1998 The Tall Paul Band started playing throughout Arizona, from the Grand Canyon to the Mexican border... and everywhere in between.

Heavily influenced by Blues and with a passion to Rock, all members of the band are accomplished musicians in their own right: playing multiple instruments, vocals, composing their own arrangements... and moreTall Paul BandTall Paul Band

Paul (Lead/Rythm Guitar, Vocals) ~
Born in Canada and raised in Washington D.C. Paul moved to Tucson in 1971. Paul grew up under the creative influences of both parents; a mother who was a poet, and a father who had an extensive background in literature and was an accomplished String Bass player... Paul picked up his first instrument at the age of eight and has never stopped since.

Passionate about playing and arranging music, Paul started playing professionally in 1986. An amazing guitarist having studied with the best mentors in Arizona... Paul is always perfecting his unique and fine tuned style that captivates audiences.

Kevin (Bass, Vocals) ~
Found in an empty Tide box alongside the North Platte River, Kevin displayed amazing abilities at an early age... among them turning lead into gold, polishing turds, and wowing the unwary. A late life epiphany resulted in Kevinís notion he could sing and play the bass... opening for many bands you may, or may not have heard of.

Proficiently speaking five foreign languages, only one from our solar system however, and having played music since his teenage years... Kevin has played with various Blues, Top 40, Show, Rockabilly, Zydeco, Horrible and Hopeful bands throughout the US and Canada.

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