Taylor Scott

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Taylor Scott is a roots musician whose heart is overflowing with the passion to make soulful music. Influenced heavily by blues, soul, funk, gospel, and jazz, Taylor’s singing, playing, and writing tells his story.

“The way he approaches music, it’s not something he’s imitating. It’s something that comes from within him,” says Dave Beegle, world renowned guitarist, composer, and producer.

Truth is an important component in Scott’s music. Taylor Scott

“When I was younger, 15 or 16, I was making decent money singing and playing blues tunes, Muddy Waters and all that,” says Scott. “I absolutely love that music, but through my own heart and some life-changing discussions with friends and mentors, I realized ‘Hey I didn’t live what those guys did, that’s not my story. I’m up there telling somebody else’s stories.’ So I started telling my own, and that has made all the difference.”

Being influenced by so much great music has allowed Taylor to “put it all in the mixing bowl,” and create his own sound. His first solo record, an EP called “Soul Satisfaction,” is dripping with the influences of R&B/soul, gospel, funk, and blues.

“There’s way too much beautiful music out there to section myself into one very specific genre,” Taylor states, “great music is great music.”
Live performing is something Taylor Scott is very comfortable with. He began performing live around age 14, and has worked at it ever since. As the former leader of Taylor Scott & Another Kind of Magick, successful Rocky Mountain region blues band and finalists at the 2012 International Blues Challenge, he has a lot of performing hours under his belt. Playing clubs and festivals all over North America has kept him at home with the stage and the crowd.

“On stage he plays with a striking mix of intensity and control...his suit is drenched in sweat well before the halfway mark of his set.” His live performances are filled with the same passion as every other aspect of his music.

As a guitar player, a singer, a song writer, and a live performer, Taylor Scott puts his heart and soul into all things music.
“Music has made my life so much more rich and meaningful it’s impossible to explain. I just hope to share that with as many people as I can.”

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