The Blue Stone Project

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The Blue Stone ProjectThe Blue Stone Project

Aaron White - Guitar, Flute & Vocals
Gary Rasmussen - Guitar & Bass
Ed Michaels - Drums & Percussion
John Densmore - Vocals on 'Heart Beat'

Recorded in Phoenix, Arizona
Produced by Robert Doyle
2006 Canyon Records

Burning Sky's award-winning flutist/guitarist Aaron White's latest project is one of top contemporary Native American CD's of 2006. White and bandmates Gary Rasmussen (guitar, bass) and Ed Michaels (drums, percussion) have teamed up to perform as The Blue Stone Project. A masterful mixture of contemporary instrumentation, soulful vocals and traditional Native flute, Blue Stone's songwriting is 'sweet', the arrangements tight and the playing, right on the money. White's flute playing has never been better and his vocals are, to die for! The music is a cornucopia of influences from all three members including rock, folk, blues and traditional Native. Highlights include the opening cut, 'Sacred Road', a marvelous track entitled, 'Songs of Freedom' and 'Hold Onto Hope & Love'. Aaron White's Blue Stone Project and their album, 'Blue Stone' are superb. ~ Gene Bates, Whispering Wind

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