Theresa Lindstrom AKA Theresa Blue

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Theresa Lindstrom AKA Theresa BlueTheresa Lindstrom AKA Theresa Blue signed with Tom Cat Records USA in 2005. Theresa was employed to write 3 songs for the movie “Midnight to morning Baby” filmed in Wilmington. Soon after 2 of her songs were used in the movie “Southern Redemption”. Her next accomplishment was writing 6 of the songs on the “Sprits Of the Lumbee” CD distributed by Andersons and sold at Wal-Mart. In 2008 Theresa had 5 cuts on the CD “Investors Choice”. Lindstrom didn’t have the luxury of dreaming big. She had to find the small gigs so she could pay the rent. Of course “hitting it big” is a relative term in Lindstrom’s case. She specializes in a pan-roots style, borrowing as much from the Mississippi Delta as the Appalachian Mountains. But there is always the sense with Lindstrom that success doesn’t have to be defined in big terms. There’s a work ethic that drives her artistry and keeps her honest.

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