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Tim Lee 3All over the map. Literally and metaphorically, that s the phrase that might best describe Devil's Rope, the newest release from Tim Lee 3 on Cool Dog Sound.

Following in the tradition of their first two full-length recordings 2008 s good2b3 and 2010 s sprawling double-wide Raucous Americanus TL3 traveled to 3 studios in 3 states to capture the 13 songs that comprise Devil's Rope. That approach was appropriate considering the tunes were written in various locations, from south Georgia to Arizona and New Mexico, from Texas to principal songwriters Tim and Susan Bauer Lee's east Tennessee home, and points in between. Recorded in Knoxville, Austin, and Tucson, the new record contains the same rock n roll stew that defined previous TL3 releases a heady mixture of power pop, garage rock, psychedelia, punk, blues, Americana, and swamp rock. On Devil's Rope, though, the trio stretches out a bit more.

The soup's still the same, just with additional ingredients. It's not that this record is so different from what we've done before, said bassist/singer/songwriter Susan Bauer Lee. There s just a wider variety of approaches. Added guitarist/singer/songwriter Tim Lee: We have a tendency to let the songs dictate how they are played, so we don't necessarily worry about a specific sound. We really try to trust our instincts and the songs, so sometimes the styles end up being all over the map. But, that's our sonic definition of rock n roll. Included among the record s track listing are stylistically diverse tunes such as the jangly power-pop of lead-off track Signal and the anthemic Halo Days, the swampy psychedelic blues of the title song, the ethereal Alibi, the bludgeoning punk of Says Baby Strange and Monkey Dance, the slow burn of Weird Weather and Any Day Now, and the straight-up rock n roll of Judging You and You re Not There. All over the map? Yeah, but right on point.
Tim Lee 3

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