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Timothea Beckerman started singing for spare change in front of a juKeb' Mo'ox at her aunt's roundhouse near Westwego, La.; by the time she was twelve, she was singing on stage with the likes of Dr. John and Ernie K. Doe; two years later she had cut her first single, and the year after that, she was married. Returning to singing after a fifteen year hiatus (1981), Timothea cut some singles and was an immediate hit in her new home town of New Orleans. Known for her brassy, bluesy style, Timothea was a standout in New York City coffeehouses and jazz clubs before returning to New Orleans to care for her ailing mother in 1993. In her later years, after being stricken with Hepatitis C, Timothea devoted her time and energies in making people aware of the ravages of this disease.