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The Tonemasters

Milton Nobles has been beatin the skins since the 7th Grade. Beginning in 2001 he was the promoter, manager, and drummer for “Little Wing”, one of Fort Worth’s finest Classic Rock / original bands. Milton has shared the stage with the likes of Buddy Whittington, Chuck Rainey, Rusty Burns, Paul Byrd, James Hinkel, Bobby Counts, Brent Rozzell, and more. But a relative new comer to the music biz as Milton laid off 25 years to raise a family. Four the past 7 years, he’s been a member of 3 bands including Deja Blue and now The ToneMasters. He books, promotes, and manages the band as well as being an active member. Blessed with a smooth harmonic voice, Milton adds harmony and sings lead on several songs as well and anchors it all down with his smooth and solid percussion style.


rockin' ray dukeFort Worth native Rockin' Ray Duke has been a working professional musician since 1975, working with many Top 40 show and dance groups of the '70's including a brief stint with The Platters, finally joining the Dallas based Vegas show band Caper in late 1979. With Caper he had the opportunity to play the casino towns- Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Laughlin and Atlantic City, NJ. Caper shared the stage with legendary acts including Miami Sound Machine, Redd Foxx, Bob Hope, Brenda Lee, Huey Lewis, Chicago and many others. Ray has been a "road warrior" in all senses of the term, playing in almost every state in the US plus extensive tours of Scandinavia, Canada and the former Soviet Union. They say the road goes on forever but after almost 30 years it was time to come home.

After a short while of “bass sub work” he’s been a full time member of The ToneMasters since 2007. With his awesome bass style and dynamic vocals, Ray is among the best of the best.




nat han allumbaughIn 1964 music took a big turn, so did Nathan Allumbaugh. After talking to his Dad into buying a guitar at a pawnshop, it began. With 40 plus years in the music business, Nathan brings it all to the table, with far too many situations and experiences to list. from recording a remake of “Be My Baby” at 18 to recording at Stax Records in Memphis during the 70’s, a lot has gone down. Some of Nathan’s career highlights been .. Rainbow, Nathan Fantasy, The Monopoly and Arcade during the 70’s. The Country Edition and Ric ‘O’ Cete in the 80’s. The Expressions, Nightlife and most recently Fastlane, a tribute to The Eagles And one of Fort Worth’s finest classic rock bands Deja Blue.. Most of these bands were together for years and enjoyed much success. Nathan now fronts The ToneMasters, the masters of classic rock and rhythm and blues. Where were you in the 70’s? Jump on and take a free ride.




gary hollisEver since his first gig at the age of 12, Gary Hollis realized that he could get paid for just playing music and having fun. This began a long and exciting journey into the world of music. Gary was a music major at UNT when he decided that it was time for him to get out there and do it for real. He traveled across the country, playing music through most of the 1970's. But living out of a suitcase was starting to lose it's appeal. So, in 1978 he moved to Hollywood and began a 12-year career as a recording engineer - working at both Capital Records and MCA Records. He was fortunate enough to work with and learn from some of the great names in music.. such as Steve Miller, Bob Seger, John Fogerty, Pat Benatar and others, In 1990 he moved back to the DFW area, where he started another chapter in his musical life. After recently making a tough decision to leave a band that he has played with for the last 5 years, Gary has now found a new musical home with "The ToneMasters."

From Gary: In every band I've ever played in there were always some moments where great memories were being made. It's really cool to be able to sit back and think about all the great times I was lucky enough to be a part of. When you get the chance.. come see The ToneMasters and become a part of another great memory.