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Totta's Bluesband always appeared to be the 'elder statesmen' of the Gothenburg blues scene. It had nothing to do with age, but with two other facts: They had a solid image, perhaps some of them even 'cult' status. Gruff, powerful Totta Näslund as a symbol of the 'politically progressive' music scene of the city. Street cred you would say today. Bengan Blomgren, the total guitarist, who (the saying goes) told off Stikkan Andersson ("I don't play that shit!") when he tried to hire Bengan for an ABBA tour. Nikke Ström, the bassplayer: a Mr. Cool, clenching his cigarette between his teeth, squinting through the smoke under his peaked cap. Bernt Andersson, looking like the happiest man alive when pummelling the keys with an impish grin. And the drummers of course, Gunnar Pettersson and Niels Nordin: different in style but perfecting the solid beat behind the others. During the 1980's Totta's Bluesband toured a lot in Sweden and the US before the band was dissolved and the members kept on in various other projects. Totta Näslund tragically passed away in 2005 after a long battle with cancer.
totta's bluesband

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