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trickbagTrickbag is regarded a top-act on the European Blues scene and is known for being one of the best back-up bands in the business touring with blues artists such as: James Harman, Kid Ramos, John Németh, Barrelhouse Chuck, Gene Taylor, West Weston etc. Their new release "Goin' Downtown" features guest appearences by Barrelhouse Chuck, West Weston, Sven Zetterberg & James Harman. The band's previous album "Tailor Made" was voted best Swedish blues album in 2007, and featured Gene Taylor (T-Birds, Canned Heat, The Blasters etc) on piano & organ.

Personnel (including guest appearances):
Tommy Moberg - Vocals
Lars Näsman - Upright Bass, Vocals
Björn A. Viitanen - Drums
Jonas Göransson - Guitar
Anders Léwen - Guitar
Thomas Hammarlund - Guitar
West Weston - Harmonica, Vocals
Sven Zetterberg - Harmonica, Vocals
Joacim Bachéus - Harmonica
Barrelhouse Chuck - Piano, Vocals
Fredrik Von Werder - Piano

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