Troels Skovgaard

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Troels Skovgaard started his career back in the early seventies. He was singing an playing guitars in different cover bands in the northern part of Denmark, where he also studied at the Music Conservatory of classical music.

To get further on with his career he moved to Copenhagen in 1983. Very soon he teamed up with Michael Roupé, Assi Roar, Jesper Orberg & Kristian Lassen and formed the band Bamboo Brothers.

Troels SkovgaardBamboo Brothers were not just a studio project, but a very established live band. They played several gigs in Denmark and did also toured in Sweden and Germany. After several years on the road with Bamboo Brothers they went into the studio to record the first album. In 1994 they released ”No Easy Way”, and had a big hit with the song ”Johnny Told Susie”. The album is a great mix of different bands from the US west coast and Bamboo Brothers was one of the good acts in the west coast music style from Denmark. In 1995 they followed the success up with their next album called ”Bamboo Brothers”. After this release they toured in Denmark and late 1995 they decided to stop, because they were all active with solo careers etc. and it was a good time to end the Bamboo Brothers.

Beside Bamboo Brothers Troels Skovgaard is very active as a sideman and he has played with a lot of the big acts in Denmark such as: Tamra Rosanes, Hanne Boel, Elisabeth, Savage Rose, Lars Muhl, Jan Glæsel, Ole Thøger, Jørgen Emborg, Cæcilie Norby, Ivan Pedersen, Jette Torp, Bob Ricketts, Engqvist Orkester and also international artists such as: Flavio Piantoni, Robert Bailey, Scott Kripayne, Joselyn Browne, Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets), Frank Gambale, Alex Acuna & Justo Almario.

Troels Skovgaard is also working as producer, and he has recently produced albums for Michael Vesterskov, Laura Illeborg and Engqvists orkester.

So now it is time to release the soloalbum, where Troels Skovgaard has got great help from a lot of good friends in the business, so you can hear these people on this solo album: Jon Bruland, Hans Fagt, Niels Ratzer, Frede Ewert, Gry Harrit, Flemming Osterman, Ole Kibsgaard, Michael Roupé, Olesen, Ole Kibsgaard, Jan Kaspersen, Ivan Pedersen, Fabrizio Mandolini, Leonardo Bosetti, Per Kamp, Jens Lysdal and others.

Troels Skovgaard is very active on the danish musicscene and he has been touring with different artists and he also went to Los Angeles together with Engqvist Orkester were he played at the legendary club "Baked Potato" in North Hollywood together with Alex Acuna, Justo Almario and Kim Sogaard (Ricky Lawson Band). In the World Beat magazine there was a review of the concert: Guitarist/lead singer Troels Skovgaard was especially provocative singing "Johnny Told Susie". Together with Engqvist Orkester they did several gigs in Los Angeles and also got the possibility to meet with several L.A acts.

Late 2003 Troels Skovgaard are preparing recording sessions to his next album and he will also be re-recording the song "Dive For Pearls" as a pre-single to the upcoming album. In the studio Troels Skovgaard has teamed up with some great musicians and you will hear the harmonica legend Toots Thielemans, the Weather Report drummer Alex Acuna and singer Bob Bailey will add background vocals to the tracks.

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