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Vidar Busk (born 19 May 1970 ) is a Norwegian guitarist , vocalist , songwriter and record producer in the genres blues and soul . He grew up in Langesund , but traveled to the United States as a 15-year-old to play in the band to the American blues artist Rock Bottom . He toured the U.S. for several years before he returned to Norway in 1990 and won Smuget Prize 1994.vidar busk

He was eventually a solid backing band and the album debuted under the name Vidar Busk & His True Believers with Stompin Our Feet With Joy in 1997 . The album was well received in the blues community and rewarded with NBF Blue Price under the Notodden Blues Festival . For their second album, I Came Here to Rock, he was named the year's artist in Grammy Award 1998 .

Having released three albums with driving and swing-based blues-rock and the backing band His True Believers, he changed his total style with their fourth album, Venus Texas in 2001 . The music on the new album was much softer and soul influenced, and while he experimented with other styles. On his next album, Love Buzz, he went even further to flirt with other music styles, and had, among other things, the two rappers Eye-Ni and profile . For this album he received the Norwegian Grammy Award 2003 in the class blues / country. His sixth, Star Fish, was released in 2005 , while his latest album so far, Jookbox Charade was released under the name "Vidar Busk & The Voo Doodz" in 2007 .

Vidar Busk is known to tour a lot and has played at most major festivals in Norway, including the Notodden Blues Festival , Ole Blues , Vossajazz mm and a number of festivals in Europe and the USA. Vidar Busk has a record deal with Warner Music Norway .
Received Telemark County's Culture 2004.

Source: Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia) (Translated by Google)