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Vini and the Demons:
Old School Blues with Neo/Retro Balls!

Passionate; possessed; intense; spiritual; sexual; evil like chocolate. Vini and the Demons' performances incorporate everything that is missing from today's music.vini and the demons

In the winter in 2001, Vini and the Demons moved as a band from the deep South to Chicago, as many of their Blues heroes did before them. The Demons vowed a sacred oath to help keep the Blues thriving into the 21st century and beyond. The Demons made this commitment, in part, with the encouragement and blessing of Muddy Waters' daughter Ros, and the legendary Bo Diddley, both supporters and fans of the band.

Since their arrival, The Demons have become a well known and well respected entity in the Chicago Blues community. The Demons were a featured act and house band at Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater's Reservation Blues for over two years.

A favorite of the late Shirli Dixon, the Demons continue to be one of the few bands chosen to perform at the Willie Dixon Blues Garden Concert Series each year. In 2003, The Demons were selected by the City of Chicago to participate in Jim Fraher's historic photograph of Chicago's finest Blues artists, during the nationally honored, "Year of the Blues" celebration.

Vini and the Demons have shared the stage with many of Chicago's Blues artists including Eddie Taylor, Jr., Little Arthur Duncan, Billy Branch and the Sons of Blues, Bo Diddley, Sharon Lewis, Carlos Johnson, Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater, Jimmy Burns, and many more. The Demons' debut CD, Vini and the Demons, was released to the public on January 9th of 2004, at a standing room only bash at the world-renowned, Rosa's Lounge.

Vini and the Demons can be heard on many radio stations in the United States, and Europe. In France, the album reached #16 on RCV 99FM (Rockez Belles Oreilles). Their song, "I Don't Want You" hit #14 on Marc Loison's Sweet Home Chicago Blues Show on Radio 666. On the air in Lille, Tournon, Normandy, Belgium, Canada, and soon to hit the charts on Macedonia's National FM Radio Show, Mojo Blues in Skopje, the Demons are quickly gaining world-wide recognition.

Vini and the Demons never rehearse or perform until they have had a ritual shot of Jack Daniel's in honor of Robert Johnson, and all the Blues musicians who have come before them. The Demons do not play non-smoking venues.

The Demons play the Blues with deep passion and an intense spiritual fervor. With a repertoire of over 70 standards and original songs, the Demons keep their audiences drinking, dancing, and feeling the Blues the way it was meant to be experienced.

Vini and the Demons are managed by Hamilton "Bo" Gibbons, who has worked closely for many years with the Dixon family and Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation.