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w.i.n.d.Italian Jam Rock Power Trio W.I.N.D. sounds like an interplay mix of Rock, Blues, slide guitar, soulful vocals and a thunderous rhythm section. All blended with psychedelia, improvisation and "jazzy" accents typical of old-time trios; vintage ROCK sound and a polyhedral rhythm section that follows the multicoloured guitar.

They are a reincarnation of the historical bands of the late sixties and early seventies, when the magic formula of the power trios was used to evoke hypnotic blues trails on which they improvised.

Energy, attitude and atmosphere are very important for a band like W.I.N.D.. The fire, the intensity and the interplay of songs like "Trieste wind", "Amnesia", "Dance with the devil" and "Deja Vu with the Blues" captured the attention of many American musicians like Johnny Neel, Mike Cullison, Tishamingo, Warren Haynes, Bryan Lee, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, B.B. King, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Marc Ford and Holmes Brothers.

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