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Based in Southern California the Walter Michaels Band has found fans around the globe. This much anticipated sophomore release marks a progression for the band as a unified entity while maintaining the sharp edge, and driving style the band is known for. Everpresent is the toung in cheek humor fans have come to expect as evidenced on tracks Noughty Nurse and Raspberry Wine. Yet the guys show their softer side on cuts like Long, Long Road and the title track Little Liar. This release also holds more than one nod to close friends and fans. We'll let you the listener see if you can figure out which tracks those are.

Walter Michaels is one of the premier guitarist-singer-songwriters of our time. With hit songs such as Who’s Holding You Now and Let You Go enjoying national airplay and a stint in the Top 40 charts Walter’s mixture of straight ahead rock, southern rock and blues combine to create a sound and style that is unique yet with a recognizable commercial appeal. Walter’s guitar playing borrows from legends such as Clapton with frequent comparisons to Lindsey Buckingham due to Walter’s strumming and picking technique playing rhythm and lead without a pick.

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