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Wayne Lavallee is 2010 Juno nominee & winner for “Best folk acoustic album” “Best rock album” & “Best male artist” at the 2010 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. While the new release was a great success, it took a long time for Wayne to find the right path to creating the long awaited follow up to his award winning album “Green Dress”.
wayne lavallee
“Wayne Lavallee is a superb storyteller, a gifted singer and a guitarist par excellence…I don’t know if the spirits haunted these sessions, but there is magic in every song.” So says XRoads Magazine from France about the new album from this award winning Vancouver artist. The long awaited follow up to the break out success that was 2005’s ‘Green Dress’, ‘Trail of Tears’ takes things into a whole new direction. Working with producer Johnny Ellis (Barney Bentall, Ridley Bent, Jeremy Fisher, Be Good Tanya’s) Lavallee has deliver an impressive, gritty set of songs about loss and power of place that leads to celebration.

From a home base of acoustic folk roots, Lavallee roams from blues to rock to Native chanting with a sense of artistic freedom that transcends easy classification, leaving one with the distinct sensation that they’ve just crossed paths with an unusual singer-songwriter, and a major one at that. The album was completed in Vancouver last spring and was released in Europe last summer 2009, on the Dixiefrog label out of France.

In early November 2009, Wayne did a 10 date solo tour across France – and garnered glowing several press reviews along the way., “The voice of Wayne Lavallee taps into his mystical roots…an album supernatural and enchanting.” Offered The Review BCR and Guitarist Magazine proclaimed “This Canadian songwriter, goes well beyond, with songs like ‘Trail of Tears’ and ‘Star Spangled Sensation’. Superb!” This is an album that is striking a chord with everyone who hears it.
Now that he’s back from France, the Canadian album of “Trail of Tears” was released 2009 through Outside Music. With the arrival of this new album, Wayne continues his ever-growing presence as one of the most significant songwriters and storytellers for his generation.