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The Wetcatbluesband are a 2 year old blues band. The members are:
Vocals : Rainy James
Guitars: Felix Falch
Keys : Clazz Nielsen
Bass : Thøger Lund
Drums : Frede Kristensen

Felix, Frede and Clazz have known eachother for almost 30 years playing together i many variations.They started some of the first live-blues bands in Denmark. They have an fantastic feel for eachother when they are playing together.

Felix has been compared to a lot of great guitarists and maybe even more presticious been called one of the great himself. Gary Moore comes in mind when "Mojo blues" starts the blues on the cd, and maybe a little Allman Brothers has been twisted in there somewhere.

Rainy James are the newcomer in the blues society. He has been singing for 3 years now and started his own band after a year: Rainy James & his bag of blues, but gathered up with Felix Falch after a few jobs. They started playing acoustic duo-gigs, which inspired Rainy to pick up the harp. They made their own songs and played like this for 1½ years. They one day decided that these songs of theirs should be recorded and they called the guys in. Now they needed a good engineer/studio, and the Granny studio cph. was perfect. Thomas Brekling made the soundwork and that was it.

There has been a lot of fussin and fightin' cause of some the lack of CD's in Greece after a reasoned tour in the country. After spending four weeks playing four gigs, Rainy and Felix returned home. Meanwhile there was a panic situation in a recordshop in Athens. Two men almost trashed the hole shop fightin' over????
"Just Another Day At The Office" with Rainy James & Felix Falch.
Dont fight over it there is plenty for all:-) :-)
Enjoy the blues!!!!

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