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Whitey ConwellThe music industry has a big problem with Whitey Conwell. It's not a personal problem but rather an issue of what to classify his music as. A rising star in the Austin music scene (as well as the Southern California, New England and European scenes!!) his music crosses the borders of contemporary blues, r&b, blue eyed soul, Americana, etc. The rigidity of American radio formatting severely restricts the access of artists who stretch the limit. In Europe, however, where those restrictions are less evident, he enjoys heavy rotation and a cult like following.

Noted Music Critic Richard Meltzer calls Whitey Conwell "...an ace of a blues/rock/rockabilly guitarist, Whitey sings/speaks/croaks with a voice from the timeless land of cigareets (sic) and whiskey, and at least the memory of wild, wild wimmen (sic)...".

His new *Conqueroot records CD "Tales From The Backseat" (CQR 1018) has something for everyone. For blues lovers Whitey has invited Kirk "Eli" Fletcher (Charlie Musselwhite/Finis Tasby) to several tracks and his solos are incendiary! Also joining Whitey are Mike Thompson/Keys (Don Henley, Eagles), Archie Thompson/Tenor Sax (Rod Stewart) and Craig MacIntyre/Drums (Josh Groban).

Adding "Tales From The Backseat" to your CD collection (or the rare 1999 self-release "Stay Tuned") is a nod and wink to that ever elusive element called hip! ~Fay Converse Writing for Tone-O-Vox

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