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Lead vocalist and harpist, Wixom Slim, has been honing his blues skills in the Motor City for over 2 decades. Since teaming up with the Wyze Gyze, he and the group have developed a Jump Blues and Jazzy Swing style that is really the tip of the whip! Below are some liner notes excerpts that really give you the flavor of this new release:

Wixom Slim"This CD is our salute to the music that we love to play---Jump Blues and West Coast Swing! Our keyboardist wrote the CD's title track and the other cuts are a tribute to the artists that have most heavily influenced us.

This box o' blues was recorded live, either on stage or in the studio. We have used only our live voices, instruments and tube amplifiers- no special overdubbing, electronic tricks or gizmos to doctor up the sound. It's the sound you'll hear when you see WSWG live at your local blues joint."
...below are a few of the many reviews we've received...

Reviewer:Thayrone, DJ of WQKL's Bone Conduction Show-"Wixom Slim's version of V-8 Ford is IT man! The Chromatic work on this song gave me goosebumps the size of gator eggs!"

Reviewer: Chef Chris, Detroit Blues All-star performer--
" Dig this disc!!Thumpin' grooves alllll the way through!! "

Reviewer:Chubby Brown,Editor of Bluestime West(imp. prss.)--
" These Wyze Gyze have the best collection of Jump Blues and West Coast Swing that I've heard in over a decade!! "

NOW, liner from the next CD -Cool, Classic Covers":

This CD features Wixom Slim & the Wyze Gyze's rendition of some classic blues standards. They were recorded live in Metro Detroit's corner blues joints. And 15 songs for well under 10 bucks is a STEAL!!!! ( the cd is actually Free, its the artwork your paying for)

Nothing has been remixed or altered to change the sound - It's just as it sounded live at the clubs... sometimes even off key or skipping a note, but ain't that the blues!! And no big money went into "mastering" this piece, as we're NOT trying to polish up anything "real".

This is our first release since our CD "Amtrak Shuffle". We are proud to have drummer Pete Berg on board, one of the former members of Detroit's Alligators Band. More Wyze Gyze voices are also heard on this CD. Guitarist Pete Bullard and Bassist Don Oatman each belt out a couple of songs with all of the energy and excitement that make WSWG the band that it is today!

Many thanks to Matt Zacharias for his recording efforts at the joints. Also, thanks to the following guest artists who also appear on this CD: Wolf Tytschkowski(vocals/guitar on steamroller), drummers Greg Carriere & Jeff Giles. A special thanks to Deanna Hamel for artwork, band photos and design.

E-mail inquiries on this CD or band bookings can be made at: or by phoning (248) 960-9907.