Wolfgang Bernreuther

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Wolfgang BernreutherWolfgang Bernreuther has been playing the guitar since he was a boy of ten years. He tried out everything from Beat and New Wave to pure Rock ´n Roll until he found his way back to his roots in the late 80s, The Blues. In 1992 he recorded his first album called "My Style Is Different" together with singer Jeanne Carroll. This album was released by "L & R Records". In 2004 he signed a record contract with the audiophile label "clearaudio". Up to now they have released 6 records (vinyl & CD). The latest album "Heart Blood Ballads" that Wolfgang recorded with his current band UNITED BLUES EXPERIENCE was highly recommended by critics everywhere. He is playing a remarkable number of festivals and clubs all over Europe.

In 2000 he was invited to the mother country of the Blues and performed at the KING BISCUIT TIME RADIO SHOW in Arkansas, USA. This live show was broadcast all over the US and Japan.

Carl Ludwig Reichert (Bayerischer Rundfunk) called him a "sensitive guitar player who is walking off the beaten tracks". Fritz Rau, the legendary concert promoter recently said in an interview: "Wolfgang Bernreuther is one of the best German blues guitar players. And believe me, I know them all. He is Gerd Müller of the Blues!"

And this is what Wolfgang says about his instrument: "When I first got my HOFNER CLUB 50 it was love at first sight. I appreciate the percussive sound and the bluesy tone. It helps me express my feelings. I deeply believe that this guitar was made in respect for the music - and the musician. I love it!"

Electric guitar - Club 50 sunburst
Acoustic guitar - HA- Grand Auditorium
Effects - Höfner Vintage Pedals

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