The Wolverines

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The WolverinesThe Wolverines - Expect them to meet you at the door and expect to leave with a smile on your face ..... What happens in between depends on WHO (the audience is), WHERE (in the world the show is) and WHEN (morning, noon or night). These guys give “made-to-measure” entertainment from their extensive repertoire of originals, contemporary country rock & retro classics. They select for the specific audience, be it kids, families, adults or perhaps sailors, bikers or party animals! Since releasing their first single in 1994 the Wolverines have produced 8 CDs & a DVD and travelled the length & breadth of Australia & as far afield as Afghanistan & Iraq performing. Wolverines' gigs are as diverse as the music they play... They're in hot demand for Pub, Club and Casino gigs, Festivals & Conferences, Country Shows and Rodeos, Races (camel, bike, yacht & horse), Fishing Comps & Bike Rallies, B&S Balls, Bike and Truck Shows, Sailing Regattas, Corporate and Private events. Since forming in 1994 the Wolverines have become Australia's premier southern-style boogie band and have introduced audiences all around Oz and New Zealand to their unique blend of tongue-in-cheek humour, hard-hitting, rock-your-socks-off Wolverines music as well as the gentle art of having a bloody fantastic time! These 'likeable rogues' are seasoned performers who have combined to produce an act that is uniquely visual, extremely musical and totally entertaining. This Best Of collection features the biggest hits from the Wolverines and the new single 'Good Times & Good Ol' Boys'.

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