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Woodleg Odd  - It has been told that the roots of the blues were brought to America by Africans. Another legend says that the Europeans came to America with Columbus.

The vikings of Norway, however, know better. When Columbus arrived in the 15th century, their main task appeared to be the hiding of several hundred years old traces from the vikings.

Traces like red amanita, beer bottles, and guitar strings that had broken under excessive bending of blue notes. Very few people are aware of the fact that there are still a remaining tribe of this vikingblues people living in a wooden house on the west coast of Norway.
In this very house, viking ships are still being built accompanied by viking blues, played on wooden instruments.

In fact, the drummer Odd Ludvik´s foot is as well a wooden instrument, as a result of an earlier battle. A mast from one of the viking ships now serves as the foot that drives the bass drum pedal.

It also gave a name to the band.

woodleg odd photo