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Zach Prather is about to step forward and be counted for. The man has been around and picked on a lotta peoples sound, heís heard of the Brook Bentons, heís heard of the Luther Allisons, heís heard of the Screaming Jay Hawkins. Iím telling you facts he knows about the Muddy Waters, the Jimmy Reeds, the Bo Diddleys, he knows about the Quincy Jones, the Tommy Dorsey. He knows the blues, the Jazz, the Ballads. I was shocked when I found out about his singing, but even more so when I discovered his song writing ability.zach prather

In the old days you had to have talent, and this is where Zach Prather will stand and be counted. The man has talent. He has talent in the vocal department, he has talent on the guitar, the drums, but even better still he has talent as a writer, a writer of lyrics and a writer of music.The man is mean, cool, melodic and mellow. Zach is cool nododyís fool, listen to me Iím taking you to a brand new school. What you must remember from this moment on is when you sit down and digest this manís music you will discover the world as a new stare, Iím pleased to be the first to tell you some got it and some ainít and this man can sing.

Iím happy and proud to be a part of this new generation of music that is still the rock ní roll roots. Itís wonderful to be part of something new, something fresh, a new beginning when you pick up on what heís putting down youíll see is not a flash in the pan. Zach ist here to stay. Donít say you havenít been told donít say you havenít been forwarned because thatís what Iím doing. So this is Screaming Jay saying hey, Zach is back turn him loose yeow!!

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