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2007 Blues Music Awards Nominee for "Best New Artist Debut" - At only 23 years old, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer, Dave Gross is an artist reminiscent of some of the finest and most respected musicians in the history of roots music. His awe-inspiring talents bring to mind those of legendary, time-honored musicians to who most could only dream of being comparable.

Producer and up right bass guitar player for the new cd by Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans.

Dave is a multi-instrumentalist and true creative and innovative force within the music world, whose deep-seeded passion and respect for the original blues and jazz masters bring new life to the music scene and prove him to be an absolute standout among his peers. [davegross2.jpg]

With musical roots that branch out in seemingly countless directions, Dave's talent has been described as being "so amazing, it's scary." He is a world-class guitarist who moves with a natural and seamless ease from Chicago blues to West coast swing to traditional jazz and beyond.

"Crawling the Walls" is Dave's third studio effort, and demonstrates his extraordinary talents and phenomenal growth as a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. In addition, it introduces this multi-talented artist's enviable and seemingly innate knack for producing and having authority in the studio—a rare ability for such a young musician.

Recorded "live" in the studio with top-notch musicians, the diverse repertoire of material featured on "Crawling the Walls" is a true coming-together of Dave's varied musical abilities; a colorful patchwork of the music he loves, the music that seems to be ingrained in his heart and soul.

The album showcases with energy and enthusiasm his diverse playing and writing style, as well as his ever-expanding set of musical tastes. The material on the record stems from traditional blues and jazz, rock n' roll, and swing.

These confluences of styles are performed by this young master with complete and irrefutable reverence for tradition and those who came before him, yet all the while sustain a fresh appeal. Dave's personal and youthful interpretations and approach to expressing his love for these timeless genres make for a refreshing record.

Dave's ever-evolving voice is rich, powerful, and expressive, while still remaining completely honest, soulful and from-the-heart. As a songwriter, Dave's intriguing melodies surround mature, heartfelt lyrics that belie his tender age, and are decorated with beauty and taste by his creative and innovative guitar playing.

As a performer, and always a tough act to follow, Dave has an electrifying stage presence and infectious personality that continues to garner an increasing fan base for this young veteran. Dave's audiences never cease to be spell-bound and amazed by his mind-boggling virtuosity. Critics and fans alike believe that this inventive, almost scarily talented 23-year-old could legitimately be one of the top players in the country. Despite his young age, Dave has already shared stages or recorded with such renowned blues & jazz artists as Hubert Sumlin, Duke Robillard, Bob Margolin, Nappy Brown, Les Paul, Little Charlie & the Nightcats, Popa Chubby, the Tommy Castro Band, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Debbie Davies, Bettye LaVette, Mark Hummel, Arthur Neilson, Sax Gordon, Doug "Mr. Low" James, "Monster" Mike Welch, Nick Moss, JW Jones, Willie Kent, Dennis Gruenling, Jason Ricci & New Blood, Big Ed Sullivan, Christine Santelli, Matt Munisteri, Jon-Erik Kellso, Scott Robinson, Mookie Brill, Dan Block, Gina Sicilia, Evan Christopher, Nicki Parrott, Stephane Wrembel, Doņa Oxford, among many other notable artists.

In between his rigorous touring schedule, Dave puts to use his passion and fervor for producing other artists of various styles.