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Pete Wells was the genuine 100% proof rock‘n’roll outlaw. Often described as Australia’s version of Keith Richards, he first came to fame in the early 70’s playing bass for the now legendary BUFFALO. BUFFALO were heavy & Pete’s bass playing was like Bill Wyman on rocket fuel.

The BUFFALO experience gave Pete an insight into what was missing on the Aussie rock scene, so at the end of 1976 he left the band, put down his bass and started playing slide guitar. Pete then teamed up with ex-BAND OF LIGHT bass, Ian Rilen, and later ex-BUSTER BROWN throat, Angry Anderson, to form a tough street band with some serious attitude. You know the band, the mighty ROSE TATTOO. Pet Wells

What can I say about The TATTS that hasn’t already been said, one of the best bands ever to tread the boards on stages around the world! AC/DC gave the world a taste of real Aussie rock ’n’ roll & THE TATTS cemented the greatness of that era. The years may have flown, but age has not dulled the fire in the belly of the beast. The world still shouts out for ROSE TATTOO & the boys have rallied to the cause over the past few years, much to the delight of the fans. The TATTS released a live album in 2000 which was very well received as fans were hungry for a new release from the boys. Early 2002, The TATTS entered the studio to to record their first studio album for some 20 years. I can say that the boys were apprehensive about doing a new album, but the pressure of the fans wanting new songs, along with the lack of true rock ‘n’ roll being released now days was just too strong a temptation. The result is an album titled “Pain” which sees ROSE TATTOO at their blistering best, so don’t worry about the band loosing it, the new songs are just as good and as powerful as the old shit! Funnily enough, this album is their best selling album!

After leaving ROSE TATTOO in early ‘83, Pete put together and played in various bands before teaming up with Lucy DeSoto in ‘85. Pete & Lucy wrote some great songs together and in 1990 Pete released the first of a number of solo albums.

As a warm up for the ROSE TATTOO 2001 UK/European 7 week tour, PETE WELLS, ANGRY ANDERSON & THE DAMN FINE BAND hit the pubs & clubs in NSW and also saw them traveling to Tasmania & South Australia. Their stomping blues covers packed out the venues and as a result of their success a CD was released later in the year which sold heavily.

January ‘02 saw Pete release a purely solo effort and the title reflected this as it‘s simply called "Solo". Pete played all the instruments on the album and indulged in his love for acoustic blues which saw him doing both old & new Wells/DeSoto tunes, as well as covers from some of the old blues masters.

2003 saw Pete returning to his bass roots, joining Chris Turner (guitar) & Rob Grosser (drums) to form ROCKS PUSH in what’s best described as a ‘power blues band’. Their album, “Three Good Reasons For The Blues”, received rave reviews and was released world wide.

As well as his music interests, Pete also tattooed @ the House Of Pain Tattoo (studio owned by Steve King, bass player for ROSE TATTOO, PETE WELLS BAND & DAMN FINE BAND etc. Pete’s specialty was old style art, and there are hundreds of people around the world proudly carrying his work on their bodies. Pete's most famous tattoo was the ROSE TATTOO band logo. Visit the House Of Pain's website by clicking on the logo opposite.

In 2002, after returning from a European tour with ROSE TATTOO, Pete was diagnosed with prostate cancer. For the next 3 and a half years Pete fought like hell to beat the illness, however sadly on 27 March 2006, Pete passed away.

ROSE TATTOO have recorded a new album which which was released on 16 February 2007 which is a tribute to Pete.