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He is considered to be “ of the finest singers on the contemporary scene” and is one of the founding members of the multi-award winning The Rockin’ High liners. Now after four CDs and over a 1000 shows world wide with the famed quintet, he is pursuing a solo career. Robert’s beginnings in the Blues are as unlikely as were his former band’s beginnings in Edmonton. Hailing from northern Manitoba, and coming from a family where music might have been considered a waste of time, Robert only dreamed of being a singer. It wasn’t until he was 30 years of age that he actually sang in public for the very first time. Pressed for more information, he will tell you, “It ‘s a very long and sordid story, but let’s just say that it took me that long to get my nerve up”.

Considering the relatively short time that he has been singing, some heady comparisons have been made to some of American music greats and to the likes of entertainment superstars such as Jackie Gleason. The Toronto Blues Society nominated Robert two years in a row for ‘Male Vocalist of the Year’ for their Maple Blues Awards.
robert dean rockin' highliners