How to listen to the show with Firefox

You will need to first install this Firefox Plug in.

Restart Firefox and then go to Smokestack's main page. Click on listen and it will take you to a page that shows a giant CD of this week's show. Click on the CD and you should see the play list for the week.

Right click anywhere on the page and select MediaPlayerConnectivity. From that, select the 2nd one down, which should show a little Windows Media Player Icon. This will launch the show in Windows Media Player. You can now minimize this player and listen to the 3 hour show.

You can do the same on any page with music embedded in it.

This page is the Smokestack Lightnin' Blues Radio page. This will randomly play shows from our collection of almost 200 archived shows. Shows will vary from 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on it's original release. It will play random shows all day for you.