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Blues Genres can be a very confusing topic. What is considered Blues Rock to one person may be considered just plain rock and roll to another. Also, many artists cross over and play many different genres of blues or even other types of music over their career or even on the same CD. One CD may contain 2 or more genres. Genres have also changed over the years, with new genres created.

Wilipedia has done an excellent job in describing different genres. I want to first give the hard workers over at Wiki full credit for all the information contained in the links below. I just copied the information over and reformatted it and added links to the different artists that are listed on these pages and in my profiles section.

The object of course is to continue the expansion of the most comprensive blues website in the world.

Psychedelic Rock African Blues Blues Rock
Blues Shouter Boogie-woogie British Blues
Canadian Blues Chicago Blues Classic Female Blues
Contemporary R&B Country Blues Delta Blues
Detroit Blues Electric blues Gospel Blues
Hokum Blues Jump Blues Kansas City Blues
Louisiana Blues The Memphis Blues Piano Blues
Piedmont Blues Punk Blues Rhythm and Blues
Soul Blues St. Louis Blues Swamp Blues
Texas Blues West Coast Blues Hill Country Blues

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