Smokestack Lightnin' Playlist for current Show

We will no longer be showing the current show on this page. We have moved the site to a new server and we are not going to be able to use Flash anymore to play the show.

BUT, we have a WAY better way. It is now a podcast. Click the link below to go to the current show (Last Saturday's show), which is the best of February and one you do not want to miss.

You can also go to ad click on LISTEN NOW in the top right hand corner. I plan to put a subscribe button so you will get notified when the new show is up. Usually around 6-8pm Saturday night.

Next week's show will be put up and this week's show will be added as an archive. And I will be adding all 29 years of archives to it over time.

When listening to the show you can click the WEBSITE button and the current playlist will pop up in a window and the show will be still playing. You can also click on the arrow on the right

of the PLAY button to advance to hour two, then hour 3, etc. Depening on how you are listeing to the show if you close the browser and return later it should resume where you left off.

PLEASE let me know of any problems you have at the e-mail shown below. Let me know what the problem is and what you are using to listen to the show.

I just set it up two days ago and only have tested it on Chrome.

You will enjoy this show as it is kick ass!

Thanks for listening and spread the word!!


Let me know if there are any problems