How to Listen to the Music Here


The site was orignally designed to work best with IE, but then was changed to work with any browser. On those pages they require the ability to play WMA files. Usually with a plug in, Firefox and Internet should play a song for each artist.

If you are using Chrome, you will need to go to the link below and add IE TAB. This will put a little IE icon in the top right hand corner. When you are at the main Blues Profile page, press this button. You will now be in IE MODE. So all the songs will play correctly.

 Chrome Web Store - IE Tab


Problems, e-mail Larry Anderson


Want to suggest a listing?

E-mail Larry Anderson with informtion about the artist/band to add to the site. Please include bios information, a photo and a song in any format with at least 192 bit rate. You can also send me links to this information.

If you see something wrong, e-mail me with the correction and I will correct it. All information contained on this site came from Wiki, the band's website or a profile found somewhere on the net. Where I have obtained source information, I have included it on the page. If any is missing, send me mail and I will give credit where credit is due.